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5 things

September 19, 2011

The top five things I’ve thought about during my first week in Vietnam:

1)      The food is really good here. I mean really good. As a fan of spicy food and soupy things, there’s lots of good eating to be had. And as an extra bonus, finding cheap, but good food is not a problem. Pho, an excellent noodle soup, can be found many places for around a dollar, and that’s including the heaping serving of veggies they like to include with it.

2)      People here are pretty nice. Students are always trying to hang out with me and invite me to study groups in order to practice their English. And I haven’t even started teaching yet. People are generally eager to try and help you out if you have a question, even if they don’t speak a lot (or any) English, which can lead to some hilarious complications.

3)      As a six-foot-two white person, I don’t exactly fit in. Especially since the street I live on is in a much less touristy area of Da Lat, I get stares every time I go out. It bothered me a lot the first few days, but now I can just tune it out.

4)      Traffic laws basically don’t exist here. The hundreds (thousands?) of motorbikes on the streets of Da Lat seem to operate on some sort of system built on mutual understanding of their own rules and when to break them (whenever is convenient). And a whole lot of honking.

5)      Everything is really chill here. Especially in Da Lat, it seems like one of the major things to do is just go to coffee houses and hang out. Seems good.

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